Dutch West Indies

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Dutch West Indies:

see Netherlands AntillesNetherlands Antilles,
former autonomous country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands consisting of several islands in the West Indies. Earlier known as the Dutch West Indies and Netherlands West Indies, the island country consisted of Bonaire and Curaçao, both lying off
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The Bonaire features true to style design elements of the Dutch West Indies and a uniquely contemporary interior.
The Union was contacted by Wendy Collins and Ryan Pologne, who found Judy at their island home in the Netherland Antilles, formerly the Dutch West Indies.
At this point, the colonial empire of the Netherlands spanned the Dutch West Indies, including Surinam, and the Dutch East Indies, which were spread over the Indonesian archipelago and part of New Guinea.
In chilling contrast to those horrors is a painting hung in a hall nearby showing the Dutch West Indies Company's handsome headquarters, with dignified-looking gentlemen strolling back and forth, seemingly unconcerned about (or unaware of) the death and suffering that built their fortunes.
The Liberian-registered Vermont, inbound from the Dutch West Indies, was being lightened before proceeding up the Manchester Ship Canal (MM056