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, common name for the Aristolochiaceae, a family of shrubs and woody climbing vines found in the tropics and other warm regions. The largest genus, Aristolochia, includes several plants cultivated in the United States as medicinals (e.g.
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Dutchman's pipe (Aristolochia elegans)--a prohibited plant in Queensland--and lantana (Lantana camara)--a declared plant in all states except Victoria and the ACT-as well as other weed species declared in different states, were found listed for sale on this one site alone after a quick search.
Alistair Pearce of South West Carnivorous Plants, near Cullompton, Devon (01884-841549) confirmed the efficacy of the sarracenia and topped the story by telling how a nepenthes, a large carnivorous plant with Dutchman's pipe shaped flowers half full of water, once drowned a mouse.
These valleys are, nevertheless, home to a rich herbaceous flora, including the very rare East African Dutchman's pipe (Aristolochia bracteolata).