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A configuration of (computer) keyboard keys arranged to increase the speed and ease of typing over the normal qwerty layout; the most common characters (for English) have been put on the home row.

The standard Dvorak International layout is:

`~ 1! 2@ 3# 4% 5^ 6^ 7& 8* 9( 0) [\{ ]\} \\| '" ,< .> p y f g c r l /? += a o e u i d h t n s -_ ;: q j k x b m w v z

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Dvorak joined Zimmer in December 2001, shortly after the company's spin-off from Bristol-Myers Squibb, and has served in many executive roles including group president of global businesses, chief legal officer, executive vice president of corporate services, chief counsel and secretary, chief compliance officer, and senior vice president of corporate affairs and general counsel.
Nonetheless, I look forward to April 2016, when Prague is scheduled to hear Mutter's take on Dvorak live, and I wonder how the Czech Philharmonic will cope with it professionally.
The Wihan String Quartet played Paganini, Dvorak and Schumann at Leamington Music Festival
Dvorak further said that FIFA would try to get other football organisations to start biological profiling in football, similar to the biological passport in cycling, adding that the board is in discussions with UEFA and other confederations to start this procedure to register all top players.
Dvorak said that until 2004, Fifa followed the International Olympic Committee's policy and did not store samples.
A knock on the door Saturday of the home where Dvorak and Stimson said "Chris" lives brought a man to a window to look through the blinds, but no one opened the door.
Dvorak said it was particularly important to "move beyond the beltway (Washington, D.
To listen to the podcast of the full interview with Carol Dvorak and Cara DiMattina, visit www.
Prof Dvorak is one of dozens of sports medicine experts from around the globe who have converged on the North East for the International Sports Science and Sports Medicine Conference.
Dvorak began cycling her junior year at the University of Virginia and slowly has been climbing the ranks since.
Dvorak and Belohlavek have the ability to make us feel the bucolic atmosphere of the music, and, if you close your eyes, actually to visualize the Czech countryside.