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A configuration of (computer) keyboard keys arranged to increase the speed and ease of typing over the normal qwerty layout; the most common characters (for English) have been put on the home row.

The standard Dvorak International layout is:

`~ 1! 2@ 3# 4% 5^ 6^ 7& 8* 9( 0) [\{ ]\} \\| '" ,< .> p y f g c r l /? += a o e u i d h t n s -_ ;: q j k x b m w v z

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"At this stage of the game, I feel like I'm doing my best work," Dvorak said.
Dvorak was a Czech composer who rose to international fame in the mid-19th century with his Symphony No.
and in God." (6) Similarly, his Mass in D Major had no specific tragedy as impulse for the composition, but Dvorak himself wrote of the mass, "I think it will be a work which will fully answer its purpose...
Hearing from me that his great compatriot Antonin Dvorak conducted the premieres of his dramatic cantata The Spectre's Bride and later his Requiem within those walls (Birmingham Triennial Festival commissions), he says:"I've never been there, but I really look forward to going to see it.'' Tomas is also fascinated to learn that Edward Elgar, as iconic in this country as Dvorak is in the Czech Republic, played violin in the orchestra when Dvorak's Sixth Symphony was performed in Worcester under its composer's baton in 1884.
Dvorak taught in both Coventry and Leamington, but had been unable to work following his arrest in May last year over the allegations, said to have taken place at a Coventry school.
Dvorak has an MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University and a BS in Chemistry from John Carroll University.
Dvorak was an American professor who patented his design in 1936, believing that the QWERTY layout was uneconomical and uncomfortable--and therefore wasn't the perfect layout.
This was a pity because it turned be a delicious concert of musical delights, not least the Dvorak which demonstrated all that is best about this orchestra.
Dvorak, 51, has been president/CEO and a Zimmer board member for eight years.
Dvorak has been president and CEO and a member of the board of directors of Zimmer Holdings Inc., a worldwide leader in musculoskeletal health care, for eight years.
Currently, Dvorak serves as president, chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors of Zimmer Holdings for the past eight years.
DURHAM Choral Society and Orchestra will be performing Stabat Mater by Dvorak for their May concert.