Dwarf Birch

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Dwarf Birch


(Betula nana), a plant in the birch family. It is a low shrub, 20–70 cm high, rarely reaching 1.5 m. The leathery leaves are round, have short stalks, and have blunt-toothed edges; they reach 2 cm in width and have a dense and sharply projecting system of veins on the bottom side. Dwarf birches form vast thickets in arctic and cold regions. In forest zones, they grow in swamps. In the USSR they are encountered primarily in the north, reaching the Enisei River in the east. The leaves of the dwarf birch serve as food for deer, and the wood is used as fuel. Closely related to this species are the shrubs B. exilis, B. rotundifolia, and B. middendorffii.


Arkticheskaia flora SSSR, issue 5. Moscow-Leningrad, 1966.


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Shortly after leaving camp, I spotted three bulls a mile upriver in the dwarf birch just off the riverbank.
Plant communities consist of wet sedge/ graminoid (including tussocks) and low shrub thickets of willow and dwarf birch in valley bottoms, spruce forest or woodland on mountain slopes, tall shrub (primarily alder) thickets in ravines, and low to tall shrub thickets in riparian areas.
Plants boosted by the restoration work include one of England's rarest trees - the bonsai-like dwarf birch, usually found in much colder climates.
To cut a long story short, I found my own grumpy ptarmigans feeding on dwarf birch and juniper on a vertiginous scree slope, and plenty of snow buntings to boot, but I also managed to get lost in the dense fog and wild blizzard that blew up from nowhere.
Inland are the high reindeer tundras of dwarf birch which form a large Sami heartland cross-cut by the national boundaries of Sweden, Finland, and Russia.
arvense); leaves from dwarf birch (Betula nana); leaves from different species of willows (Salix spp.
SILVER BIRCH includes three species which are true natives - the common silver birch (Betula pendula), the Hairy Birch (Betula pubescens), almost identical to the silver birch, and the dwarf birch (B.
At 40 yards the big bull's dark, velvet rack materialized out of the thick wall of fog, rocking slowly back and forth as he dozed among the waist-high dwarf birch.
One of England's rarest trees, the tiny dwarf birch, which is normally only found in much colder climates, is still found at Spadeadam.
On the willow range, milk production was higher and calves grew better compared to the dwarf birch range.
The dwarf birch is a charming procumbent plant found growing untamed in this country too.