Dynamic Metamorphism

dynamic metamorphism

[dī¦nam·ik ‚med·ə′mȯr‚fiz·əm]
Metamorphism resulting exclusively or largely from rock deformation, principally faulting and folding. Also known as dynamometamorphism.

Metamorphism, Dynamic


the alteration of rock under the effect of the pressure that develops in the earth’s crust within zones of crush and fracture during folding processes. Dynamic metamorphism causes the mechanical decomposition of rock, with the formation of mylonites, as well as the recrystallization of the primary rock components, with the development of schistosity.

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It has been proven that C[O.sub.2] of Earth's crust derived from stratal carbonate pyrolysis generating inorganic C[O.sub.2], which are influenced by contact metamorphism of carbonates and dynamic metamorphism of fault activities [24].
2 coal seam is derived from the indirect accumulation mode with gas production, gas guidance, gas migration, and gas storage through the brittle-ductile shear dynamic metamorphism of the active F19 fault zone [50].
Dynamic metamorphism; process and products in Devonian carbonate rocks; Canning basin Western Australia.
One of the evidence of this event is dynamic metamorphism shows slatting and also proceeds phillitic rock, also metamorphism about sub green shist facies has been formed in T.C.1 subterrane.
The presence of Triassic (foliated or not) granitoids at La Guajira Peninsula (Maya, 2001), and at Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Tschanz et al., 1974), coincide in age as some presented in the Cordillera Central and characterized by foliation and dynamic metamorphism as described by Vinasco et al.
Dynamic metamorphism increment in shears of RFS due to the effect of this collision (Fig.

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