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Painful urination.
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disturbance of urination, usually as a result of difficulty in discharging urine from the urinary bladder when there is pressure on the urethra by a hematoma, tumor, or enlarged prostate gland or there is obstruction by a stone; dysuria can also occur as a result of functional disturbances in diseases of the nervous system (spasms, for example). Painful and frequent urination is sometimes classified as dysuria.

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Clinical symptoms include painful urination, suprapubic tenderness, dysuria, frequency, urgency, and back pain (Bader, Loeb, & Brooks, 2017).
From previous reports, it was suggested that most of postpartum SRUB emerged within 20 days after postpartum, and the most common symptoms were abdominal pain, abdominal distension and dysuria (1-6).
Most Frequent Concerns of Patients (N=366) SDC (n) % Inpatient (n) % Total (N) Hematuria 19 5.19 28 7.65 47 Dysuria 28 7.65 15 4.1 43 Pain 18 4.92 14 3.83 32 Constipation 21 5.74 21 5.74 42 Surgical Site 19 5.19 20 5.46 39 Others 26 7.1 16 4.37 42 Total 252 68.9 114 31.1 366 % Hematuria 12.84 Dysuria 11.75 Pain 8.74 Constipation 11.47 Surgical Site 10.66 Others 11.47 Total 100 Note: SDC = surgical day care.
The last patient with infectious complication in the single-dose prophylaxis group showed no growth in urine culture but presented pyuria, dysuria, and suprapubic tenderness.
(%) Anemia 631 (33.6) 48 (38.4) Low weight of mother 862 (46.5) 61 (48.8) Previous abortion 288 (15.6) 18 (14.4) Previous hospitalization 159 (8.7) 13 (10.4) ([paragraph]) Tablet during last 47 (2.6) 5 (4.0) 30 days # Dysuria ** 220 (12.0) 16 (12.8) Fever 84 (4.6) 5 (4.0) Environmental and hygiene-related characteristics, no.
Although the pain he initially experienced was likely cancer pain, his postoperative perineal pain and dysuria seemed to be neuropathic pain, given that his tumor was completely resected.
In addition, there were prostatism complaints in 11 male patients and severe dysuria in 5 patients.
Using a standardized questionnaire, the following clinical data were collected: clinical symptoms on presentation (urethritis, vaginitis and cervicitis), presence and duration of vaginal/cervical discharge or urethral discharge, dysuria, bleeding after sexual contact.
As such, typical findings like UTI, dysuria, pollakuria and urgency may not always be seen in the elderly.
In multivariate regression analysis, a pathological WBC count in blood and/or urine, elevated CRP, dysuria, fever, and burning pain were independent and statistically significant predictors of genital/paragenital infection [Table 3].
On admission, the patient reported malaise and dysuria since the TUR-B.
The classic triad of symptoms reported in the literature is postvoid dribble, dyspareunia, and dysuria [7].