Dzhabai Balimanov

Balimanov, Dzhabai


Born 1893, in the village of Karakamysh, present-day Aktiubinsk Oblast; died Aug. 6, 1966. Senior shepherd of the Aktau (present-day Dzhabai Balimanov) Kolkhoz in Tamdybulak Raion, Bukhara Oblast, Uzbek SSR, from the time that the kolkhoz was organized until 1963. He was twice a Hero of Socialist Labor (1951, 1958).

From each 100 ewes, Balimanov obtained 132 lambs in 1957 and 170 lambs in 1963. His production of first-grade karakul was 94 percent in 1957 and 89.2 percent in 1963. He was a deputy to the fourth convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek SSR. He was awarded three Orders of Lenin, two other orders, and six medals, including three gold medals at the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy of The Ussr.

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