Dzhabar Rasulov

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Rasulov, Dzhabar


Born June 27 (July 10), 1913, in Khodzhent, now Leninabad, Tadzhik SSR. Soviet party and state official. Member of the CPSU since 1939. Son of a worker.

Rasulov graduated from the Middle Asian Cotton Institute in 1934. He worked from 1934 to 1938 as an agronomist, and from 1938 to 1941 he served in the People’s Commissariat of Farming of the Tadzhik SSR as head of a board and as deputy people’s commissar. From 1941 to 1945 he was a commissioner of the People’s Commissariat of Procurements of the USSR for the Tadzhik SSR. He was people’s commissar of agriculture of the Tadzhik SSR in 1945 and 1946 and minister of industrial crops of the Tadzhik SSR in 1946. Rasulov served as chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Tadzhik SSR from 1946 to 1955, deputy minister of agriculture of the USSR from 1955 to 1958, secretary of the Central Committee of the CP of Tadzhik-istan from 1958 to 1960, and ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the USSR in Togo in 1960–61. He became first secretary of the Central Committee of the CP of Tadzhikistan in 1961.

Rasulov was a member of the Central Auditing Commission of the CPSU from 1952 to 1956. He became a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU in 1961 and was a deputy to the second through ninth convocations of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Rasulov has been awarded eight Orders of Lenin, three other orders, and various medals.

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