Dzhorov, Stoian Iliev

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Dzhorov, Stoian Iliev


Born 1878; died Sept. 28, 1950. Bulgarian revolutionary; participant in the Great October Socialist Revolution. Member of the Bulgarian party of the Narrow Socialists from 1904.

During the Revolution of 1905-07 in Russia, he helped the Bolsheviks send arms from Bulgaria to Russia. In 1908 he joined the RSDLP and conducted revolutionary work in Baku. He was arrested in 1909 and exiled to the Eniseisk district. In 1917, Dzhorov was a member of the Central Bureau of the Trade Unions and the Krasnoiarsk interim committee of the RSDLP (Bolshevik). He took part in creating the Third International and was chairman of the Bulgarian section of the Central Committee of the RCP (Bolshevik). From 1919 he lived in Bulgaria, where he continued his revolutionary work as a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party. In the years 1941-45 he took part in the antifascist partisan movement in Bulgaria.


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