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in the Bible, name of an altar raised on the left bank of the Jordan.



a river in the Komi ASSR, a left-bank tributary of the Bol’shaia Loptiuga River in the Mezen’ basin. The Ed is 151 km long with a basin 631 sq km in area. It is a winding river, fed by snow and rain.


(engineering acoustics)


(tool, text)
(editor) Unix's line editor. Ed is rarely used by humans since even vi is better.

Unix manual page: ed(1).


(1) (Enhanced Definition) See EDTV.

(2) (ed) (EDitor) A Unix line-oriented text editor written by Ken Thompson in the early 1970s that continues to be included in most versions of Unix/Linux. Ed gleaned functions from the qed editor developed by the University of California at Berkeley. It was followed by the somewhat more user friendly ex (EXtended) editor. Ex added a full-screen, so-called "visual" capability that was subsequently incorporated into the vi editor (see vi).

(3) (ED) (Extra High Density) See super floppy.