millimeter wave

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millimeter wave

[′mil·ə‚mēd·ər ′wāv]
An electromagnetic wave having a wavelength between 1 millimeter and 1 centimeter, corresponding to frequencies between 30 and 300 gigahertz. Also known as millimetric wave.

millimeter wave

Electromagnetic waves with a wavelength from one to 10 millimeters, which corresponds to spectrum from 30 to 300 GHz. Millimeter wave applications include communications, radar, radio astronomy and the military. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, the narrower the beam and the smaller the antennas. Radio astronomy using millimeter waves dates back to the 1960s, and military deployment began in the 1970s. The first consumer usage was radar-based vehicle collision avoidance in the 1990s. See wavelength, microwave, WiGig and WirelessHD.

FCC Sanctioned Millimeter Wave BandsFrequency RangeLicensed

   57-64 GHz  V-band     No

   76-77 GHz  Radar      No

   71-76 GHz  E-band     Yes
   81-86 GHz  E-band     Yes

   92-95 GHz  W-band     Yes
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a supplier and innovator of licensed backhaul solutions, has announced that Texoma Communications, LLC (TekWav) has deployed its ALFOPlus2 RF multi-core microwave radio systems and ALFOPlus80HDX 10 Gbps 80 GHz (e-band) systems providing the high capacity backbone for their expanding network in Texas and OklahomaMICROELETTRONICA.
The e-band 1.35 mm coaxial connector has been recently introduced to support applications like 5g and 77 ghz automotive radar sensors.
The US company is based in Silicon Valley and it specializes in telecommunications e-band ceramic modules and chipsets.
The Silicon Valley-based US firm specializes in telecommunications e-band ceramic modules and chipsets.
The Silicon Valley based US company specializes in Telecommunications E-Band Ceramic Modules and Chipsets.
Meanwhile, the company said sales of its 5G E-band backhaul products were "encouraging" after undergoing strong growth in demand from a major client.
More positively, however, Filtronic will expand its manufacturing plant in Sedgefield, Durham despite the operating deficit after positive demand for its 5G e-band backhaul products.
Siklu's Terragraph products will be part of the industry's portfolio of V-Band (60GHz), E-Band (70/80GHz), point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions on the market.
Filtronic plc has reached a significant milestone with the shipment of a total of 25,000 high-performance E-band transceiver modules since the company first entered this growing market.
Model STQ-TO-12-U3-CKIT1 is an E-band waveguide vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration kit designed to work with industry standard network analyzers in the frequency range of 60 to 90 GHz.
The live trial was completed over a hop distance of 1.4km in the millimetre wave (E-band) spectrum, using Ericsson's Mini-Link 6352 microwave solution and Router 6000.
NEC has developed a real-time digital signal processing circuit and successfully demonstrated, for the first time in the world, a wireless transmission over a distance of 40 meters with a modulation of 256 QAM in the E-band (71 to 86GHz) by multiplexing 8 OAM modes.