AT Attachment

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AT Attachment

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(1) (Advanced Technology Attachment) The official name of earlier IDE drives. See IDE.

(2) See analog telephone adapter.
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The ATX form factor board is expandable with three Bus Mastering ATA E-IDE PCI slots, three independent channels for six IDE devices, and one AGP PRO slot (support up to 8x mode).
Available in both E-IDE and SCSI interfaces, the internal CRW-F1 models come in two colors, designed to keep up with the ever-changing look of PCs.
Other features include an E-IDE (ATAPI) interface, an anti-heat design that removes the need for a cooling fan and support for packet write capabilities.
The internal E-IDE 4x4x24 drive will be the first in Iomega's line of optical products.
The internal E-IDE 4x4x24 drive ships with bundled software, and is the first of a new line of optical products set to come out of Iomega.