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(organic chemistry)
C12H10 A white or slightly yellow crystalline hydrocarbon, melting point 70.0°C, boiling point 255.9°C, and density 1.9896, which gives plates or monoclinic prismatic crystals; used as a heat-transfer medium and as a raw material for chlorinated diphenyls. Also known as diphenyl; phenylbenzene.
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C6H5—C6H5; colorless crystals. Melting point, 71°C; boiling point, 254°-255°C. It is insoluble in water and readily soluble in organic solvents. It is present in the anthracene oil produced from coal tar. It is prepared industrially by dehydrogenation of benzene at 750°–800°C.

Biphenyl is an intermediate in the production of some dyes; mixed with phenyl ether (73.5 percent), it is used as a high-temperature heat carrier (so-called Dowtherm).

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