System z

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System z

IBM's family of 64-bit mainframes, introduced in 2000 as the zSeries. It includes the z9, z10 and zEnterprise z196, z114, zEC12 and zBC12 models, all of which are robust, mission critical computer systems that generally run under IBM's z/OS or z/VM operating systems.

IBM's z/Architecture was a major upgrade to the previous ESA/390 mainframes. The first z mainframe was the high-end 900 line, followed in 2002 by the zSeries 800, geared to the mid-size customer. Following is a list of "z" models over the years. The enterprise class designation refers to the high-end machines. See z/OS, zEnterprise, z/Architecture, IBM branding and System/390.

Year    MainframeIntro.  Model             Class

  2013    zEnterprise BC12  Business
  2012    zEnterprise EC12  Enterprise
  2011    zEnterprise 114   Enterprise
  2010    zEnterprise 196   Enterprise

  2008    System z10 EC     Enterprise
  2008    System z10 BC     Business

  2006    System z9 BC      Business
  2005    System z9 EC      Enterprise

  2004    zSeries 890       Business
  2003    zSeries 990       Enterprise

  2002    zSeries 800       Business
  2000    zSeries 900       Enterprise
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One bright spot for hardware has been a burst in sales for IBM's new System Z mainframes, up 56% in the first full quarter since the launch of the EC12 mainframe in August.
The new zEnterprise EC12 system offers 25% more performance per core and 50% greater total system capacity using the same amount of energy as its predecessor.
EWCS was launched in 1990, when workers in the EC12 were surveyed, and took place every five years since then.
The firm said its zEnterprise EC12 mainframe server had cost over 1 billion dollars to develop, producing a machine with processing cores which are 25 percent more powerful than the earlier models, and had better security and data-analytics tools as well.
The filtered version, type EC12, meets standard and medical grade attenuation requirements.
The dummy variable GREECE was coded 1 for all proposals made after Greek accession on 1 January 1981, and the dummy variable EC12 was coded 1 for all proposals made on or after 1 January 1986, the date of Spanish and Portuguese entry.
According to the Commission's figures, this particular subsidy scheme involved 450,000 tonnes of butter in 1994 - close to one third of total EC12 production.
Expanding on the company's 32 years of mainframe expertise and support, BMC's broad portfolio of mainframe solutions are tested and ready to run on IBM's recently-announced zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12).
6: Power 835 model 8284-22A; IBM System z based on z/Architecture processors: zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12); zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12); zEnterprise 196 (z196); zEnterprise 114 (z114); Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
With the announcement of zEnterprise EC12 we are seeing IBM's commitment to fit for purpose methodology personified.
Maisa EC12, MD 20, IMA C21/C23, C24, C2000, as well as for Constanta, Perfecta and H&S).
Last year, the EC12 (excluding Sweden, Finland and Austria) accounted for 51% of the israelis' $550 million processed food exports.