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electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM)

That division of electronic warfare involving actions taken to ensure friendly, effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum despite the enemy's use of electronic warfare (EW). Also called ECCM.
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The AN/PRC-148 has the combination of frequency coverage, power, antenna, size, waveforms, ECCM and COMSEC that makes it not only the BEST choice but also the only choice until JTRS is ready.
Along with a GPS receiver as standard, the radios accommodate Harris' proprietary Citadel-11 encryption and its QUICKLOOK ECCM waveform.
This diversity may make an enemy's ECCM activities more challenging but places an overwhelming burden upon procurement and maintenance resources.
Poelman, "The ECCM Potential of a Passive Bistatic Complement to Radar Detection of Aircraft Targets," AGARD Symposium on Avionic Countermeasures, Munich, 1990.
4 kg 5,20, *100 and 400 Watts Waveforms: USB, LSB, CW, Ame Encryption: Embedded ECCM and Comsec Notes: 100 programmable channels, Fed-Std-1054 Ale, * vehicle configurations PRC-2090 Barrett 1.
Many of the tools described in this book, such as computer simulation of ECM and ECCM, were unknown when MIT's Radiation Laboratory pioneered the Allied Forces' radar development, which had a decisive impact on the outcome of the war.