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see Economic Community of West African StatesEconomic Community of West African States
(ECOWAS), organization established in 1975 to increase economic cooperation and development in West Africa. Members include Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d'Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali,
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Part of the response was for us to come out here to inform entrepreneurs of the benefits of trading within ECOWAS.
"ECOWAS is ready to work with Nigeria and Morocco for carrying off this structuring project."ECOWAS believes that the pipeline is a unifying trans-regional project, which will contribute to achieving the objectives of the organization.
Mr Samuel Basintale, Assistant Commissioner General of the GIS who touched on the requirements of the protocols, said that apart from the passport, which one normally travels with, one needs to possess an ECOWAS Card, which is known in Ghana as the Ghana Card, to ensure a smooth transition from one ECOWAS country to the other.
The ECOWAS Volunteers Program (EVP) was initiated by the ECOWAS Commission on 5 November 2004, following which a partnership was signed with the UNV in 2005.
In October 1985, the Bank, then the ECOWAS Fund, as the major shareholder, and other investors, including the private sec- tor, founded Ecobank Transnational Incorpo- rated (ETI), Africa's first banking conglomer- ate with a vast network of branches in about thirty-five (35) African countries including Nigeria.
De Souza pointed out on the occasion, according to an APTBEF press release Tuesday, the importance of ECOWAS as a broad market of nearly 300 million inhabitants that guarantees the free movement of individuals, goods and capitals.
The President of the ECOWAS Commission also urged the personnel of the BRVM to pursue their efforts and to maintain the performance of their institution during the coming years.
Ecowas includes 15 member states covering an area of over five million one hundred (5,1) sq km with an estimated population of about 300 million inhabitants.
ECOWAS's initial response on 25 March 2014 was to declare Ebola "a serious threat to regional security".
In addition, we left ECOWAS but AMU has never existed beyond the official discourse."
Now it is up to ECOWAS Member States to capitalize on the region's huge and lucrative market.