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We are very interested in techniques for natural carbon sequestration and we feel that this strategy deserves much more focus and attention," ECRC says in its host city award letter.
If a family changes location during the deployment, needs help or has general questions, they can contact the CIAC, Ombudsman, IDSS or the ECRC IA Family help desk at ecrc.
ECRC has alleged that banks and other financial institutions including Citigroup had helped Enron in resorting to dubious accounting practices to cover up the company's financial troubles.
ECRC, in turn, worked with members of the Paul Band to clean up their portion of the lake themselves.
It was true that disclosure of information in an ECRC could 'blight' an individual's employment opportunities.
The ECRC funding provided by the Defense Department had declined from about $50 million in 1998 to $25 million in fiscal 2001.
Special guest speaker Naydu Nosse from ECRC provided a detailed look at numerous e-commerce issues and initiatives.
1991], the ECRC Multidatabase Project [Jonker and Schutz 1995], SIMS [Arens and Knoblock 1992], and DISCO [Tomasic et al.
Cable & Wireless Plc has bought ECRC Network Services GmbH, a Munich, Germany-based ISP from ICL Plc for 27.
Implementation efforts at ECRC on DDBs started in 1984 and led to the study of algorithms and prototypes: deductive query-evaluation methods (QSQ-SLD and others) (Vieille 1986); integrity checking (SOUNDCHECK) (Decker 1986); the DDB EKS(-V1) by Vieille and his team (1990); hypothetical reasoning and checking (Vieille, Bayer, and Kuechenhoff 1996); and aggregation through recursion (Lefebvre 1994).