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ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy)


Among the many topics explored by sleep scientists is the effect of extreme abuse to the central nervous systems caused by drug overdose, electroshock therapy, and other traumas. Researchers have found that such inquiries significantly increase rapid eye movement (REM) sleep (the period of sleep associated with the most vivid dreams) for prolonged periods of time.

It has been theorized that increased REM time is correlated with physiological healing processes, specifically with intensified neuronal protein synthesis. A more psychological explanation might be that survivors of such shocks need more dream time in which to sort out their trauma.

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Some psychiatrists are reluctant to prescribe ECT for geriatric patients because of concerns of potential neurocognitive or medical complications and risks during anesthesia.
They become ambassadors against stigma; I've got family members and patients now that join me in workshops talking about why ECT should be [used] more," Dr.
Conclusion: Cognitive impairment is less in total intravenous anesthesia as compared to general anesthesia for ECT in patients of depressive episode severe.
Results: Fifty of 62 patients who had achieved remission with ECT completed the one year follow-up period.
Previous studies have shown that ECT can induce cerebral blood flow, neurotransmitter activity, neuronal metabolites, and brain functional connectivity alterations in TRD patients.
The ECT solution is one of the key foundation blocks of the next-generation network evolution we are implementing.
By choosing one or a combination of ECT treatments, coatings manufacturers can target the specific contaminants generated in each production process.
Inside the procedureConducted in a small room inside AUBMC's psychiatric ward, ECT is considerably less dramatic than its popular portrayal.
People would have assumed the practice of imposing medical interventions on patients without their consent, particularly interventions such as ECT that have serious side-effects, would be over.
This project business is not related to the value creation, distribution and settlement processes of Kontron AG and its risk/reward profile differs from Kontron's ECT business.
So considering it the hundred million dollar question is does ECT cause mania hypo mania or at least euphoria?