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He said they had to cover their faces to stop the EDL members from taking photos of them and putting them on the internet.
Almost 350 EDL supporters are due to march through the streets of Middlesbrough this afternoon and more may be joining in.
e EDL expressed an intention to march in the west end of the city through a highly populated, residential area.
What seems to have incensed some EDL members was the flying of the DMA Blackhall Lodge banner at the counter-demonstration.
the event in Exeter would show how well the EDL was adapting to life (https://www.
Upon these practices (chaos actions, and close of gates) EDL calls upon the security forces to provide security on the entrances and inside the central building, secure those coming in and out of EDL building, and preserve the contents of the building such as equipment and administrative files," the statement concluded .
Isolated clashes took place between the police and EDL protesters as the rally wound down and supporters left the city.
Hundreds of EDL campaigners are expected to descend on Dewsbury town centre from 11am.
Daryl Hobson, who organizes EDL demonstrations, said Breivik, who told police there were 'two more cells' ready to follow him, had met members of the group.
40pm: Around 100 members of the EDL are confined in Bennett's pub by police.
EDL also offer a range of conventional layer type palletisers for medium and higher speed applications.
The EDL have stated that issues on the agenda will include the grooming of children, people being radicalised to join groups such as Islamic State, electoral fraud and immigration.