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A spokesperson for the EDL was unavailable for comment at the time this article went to print.
A spokesman for the force said: "West Midlands Police is vastly experienced in accommodating and preparing for such protests having run police operations around EDL demos in Birmingham and Dudley - the most recent of which have passed off without incident.
But EDL has been heavily subsidizing the cost of fuel prices based on the price of a barrel at $25, a policy that was set up in 1982 and hasn't been changed since.
About EDL Consulting EDL Consulting provides holistic customer-focused solutions to meet complex business challenges.
In a video provided to the Chronicle by EDL regional organiser Alan Spence, EDL members disrupt Russell Brand''s book group meeting at Bar Loco in Newcastle
Batley councillors, politicians, Muslim leaders and the Bishop of Pontefract the Rt Rev Tony Robinson have all signed a Batley Unity Statement opposing the EDL rally.
Some middle-class newspaper columnists may not like it, but the majority of EDL supporters will not be too concerned he has a conviction for mortgage fraud.
Upon these practices (chaos actions, and close of gates) EDL calls upon the security forces to provide security on the entrances and inside the central building, secure those coming in and out of EDL building, and preserve the contents of the building such as equipment and administrative files," the statement concluded .
Isolated clashes took place between the police and EDL protesters as the rally wound down and supporters left the city.
Alchemy Partners Nominees Limited and the EDL management team controlled EDL.
Police budgets are being hit by the need to provide massive manpower to protect the public from the violence associated with EDL protests.
Matthew Collins, who has closely followed the EDL since 2009, said that far-right group should be monitored in the way terrorists are to prevent a mass killing.