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EMG % EMG % Selection ([dagger]) (%) gain (%) gain [C.sub.0] 66.1b 58.9b ([double dagger]) [C.sub.1] (PS) EDPH 62.9b -4.8 56.6b -3.9 EDPL 63.5b 3.9 62.9a -6.8 [C.sub.1] (MAS) EDMH 65.6b -0.8 64.2a 9.0 EDML 70.4a -6.5 61.0ab -3.6 LSD 3.6 3.8 Hedonic (HED, 1-9 score) su1Se1 su1se1 Comp.
Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned EDML 2018-I B.V.'s notes final ratings.
Securities and Exchange Commission, upgraded three tranches and affirmed two tranches of EDML 2017-1 B.V., and removed all tranches from Rating Watch Evolving (RWE).