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To support users' requirements for power and reliability, the Magnia 7010 servers come standard with the most advanced technology available, including 256MB of buffered ECC EDO DRAM expandable to 4GB, a 32X CD-ROM drive and a PCI graphics adapter with 2MB of integrated SGRAM.
A powerful mobile solution, the Satellite 2535CDS offers Intel's 300MHz Pentium processor with MMX(TM) technology, 32MB of high-speed EDO DRAM (expandable to 160MB), 4.
The NetFRAME 9200 standard configuration is priced at $14,199 and comes with an Intel Pentium II Xeon 450 MHz with 512K L2 cache, 256 MB ECC EDO DRAM, dual U2W LVDS 4 GB hot-swap boot drives, a ten-user license for Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.
Each comes standard with 256MB ECC EDO DRAM expandable to 4GB, six standard 3.
3 billion byte hard drive, 32MB of EDO DRAM, and a 3Com(R) 56K PC card modem.