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see electroencephalographyelectroencephalography
, science of recording and analyzing the electrical activity of the brain. Electrodes, placed on or just under the scalp, are linked to an electroencephalograph, which is an amplifier connected to a mechanism that converts electrical impulses into the
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A woman undergoes an electroencephalogram (EEG) test.

EEG (Electroencephalogram)


The human body is an electrochemical organism, although the electrical activities of the body are relatively weak in contrast to electrical appliances. Although weak, the electrical activity of the human body, particularly that of the nerves, can be measured. The brain is especially active in this regard, and electrical variations can be measured by means of electrodes taped to the head and face. The machines used for this purpose produce what is referred to as an electroencephalogram, or EEG. When recorded on a roll of paper, EEGs produce what looks like a wave pattern, hence the expression brain wave. Different stages of sleep are characterized by different brain wave patterns, and contemporary laboratory sleep research relies heavily on EEG measurements.


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Our purpose for this EEG experiment was to verify the results of the fMRI experiment comparing those with the EEG sensor data.
The results suggest that PET/CT may prove to be a highly sensitive method of localizing seizure foci in the temporal lobe, especially when findings from EEG and other imaging modalities are contradictory or falsely negative.
But to think that an EEG will be able to tell us when someone is having a specific thought such as "I would like a drink of vermouth" is totally unfounded.
EEG data were screened for artifact, such as that caused by eye movement (using EOG recordings) and gross motor movement.
Teachers, The Body Shop employees, EEG staff and the enthusiastic students, fielded shovels and dug pits to plant the trees inside the school campus.
com/mea/environment or contact EEG by emailing eeg@emirates.
We chose to quantify the pattern of EEG in five second segments, using three parameters.
Cash, who studies epilepsy, realized that those same electrodes could be used to study electrical activity deeper inside the brain while at the same time an EEG told the scientists what was happening on the surface.
Nybo and Nielsen (2001) described changes in EEG during 1 hour of exercise at 60% V[O.
In the future, we hope to progress into the next level of EEG care: intraoperative neuromonitoring," Akins said.
Investigations were aimed first of all to the selection and development of methods, sensitive to small hidden changes in the EEG signal.
Years ago no-one was worried about SCADA networks just that it works, and a decade later we are talking about [SCADA] security- I am finding exactly the same thing with EEG and now is the best time to put security in the technology," HernEindez told the conference.