Enhanced Fujita scale

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Enhanced Fujita scale:

see Fujita scaleFujita scale
or F-Scale,
scale for rating the severity of tornadoes as a measure of the damage they cause, devised in 1951 by the Japanese-American meteorologist Tetsuya (Ted) Fujita (1920–98).
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The easy-to-understand EF scale (0-100) is pegged to the leading international standard, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
The tornado that hit the town and nearby Mayflower was probably the nation's strongest so far this year on the 0-to-5 EF scale, with the potential to be at least an EF3, which means winds greater than 136 mph, National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Hood said.
The EF Scale lumps the storms into one of six categories based on damage to trees, light poles, buildings and other structures.
The EF scale will continue to rate tornadoes on a scale from zero to five, but ranges in wind speed will be more accurate with the improved rating scale.
The EF scale provides more detailed guidelines that will allow the National Weather Service to more accurately rate tornadoes that strike the United States," said Brig.
The EF scale refines and improves the original scale.
The EF Scale takes into account additional variables which will provide a more accurate indication of tornado strength," said retired Air Force Brig.
The EF Scale incorporates more damage indicators and degrees of damage than the original F Scale, allowing more detailed analysis and better correlation between damage and wind speed.