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The oocyte size-frequency method was employed because the sample size for the batch fecundity estimates from the hydrated oocyte method is insufficient for later analysis of the relationship between batch fecundity and EFL or RW (fewer samples have migratory nucleus and hydrated oocytes been observed).
EFL Associates is a generalist firm, providing clients with executive leadership solutions in virtually every industry and function.
CONTACT: Kristen Faust, of EFL Associates, +1-913-451-8866, kfaust@eflassociates.
In both monolingual and bilingual male and female EFL learners' research articles, lexical verbs were used as boosters.
Oryon issued EFL Tech 85,271,779 shares of common stock at closing, representing 51 percent of issued and outstanding stock.
In light of the above it was found by the bench that both FFC and EFL took advantage of a lack of competition in the relevant market and continued to increase prices in excess of a level that would have prevailed in a market with appreciable competitive constraints and in having done so abused their individual dominant position in contravention of clause (a), subsection (3) of Section 3 of the Act.
We evaluated interrelations among fin ray radius (in mm) and estimated age (in days) based on enumeration of DGIs and EFL (in cm).
Johnston: This section would probably not be very helpful for EFL students in our Japanese college.
This study will specifically focus on the effect of instructing two metacognitive strategies, that is, planning and self-monitoring on EFL learners' reading comprehension.
We therefore particularly welcome this agreement with EFL, as it is expected to boost the creation of new professional opportunities for young people across Poland.
As part of its solution, EFL sought a single tool that would allow all of its writers to create channel-agnostic, XML content while meeting requirements specific to their environment and not requiring its domain experts to learn cumbersome technology.
of Duisburg-Essen, Germany) and Summer, who teaches English and music at secondary schools in Germany, compile 32 essays by English as a foreign language (EFL) scholars and teachers from Europe and New Zealand on issues related to the 12 components of EFL teaching and learning and relevant pedagogical issues.