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EFTs scheduled for the 2006-2007 school year began with "Yorktown," which aired on the 225th anniversary of the American victory at Yorktown, a significant turning point in the Revolutionary War.
ACM's first EFT service, referred to as EFT I, enables the creditor to effect the payment by drafting the payment from the customer's bank account into its own, using ACM's web-based software.
In 1993, as part of the tax systems modernization initiative, the IRS introduced a test program called TAXLINK that allowed business taxpayers to make Federal tax deposits (FTDS) using EFT technology.
Mann told the conference that while supermarkets are a critical link in the expanding financial services chain they have been frustrated in their dealing with financial services institutions, particularly concerning electronic funds transfer (EFT).
The reversal of a direct deposit made in error is not an unauthorized EFT when it involves:
Section 904(d) of the act provides that if EFT services are made available to consumers by a person other than a financial institution holding a consumer's account, the Board shall ensure that the act's provisions are made applicable to such persons and services.
However, EFTs used for customer to merchant payments for the purchase of goods and services will not come under the purview of these regulations.
Carcinomas and olfactory neuroblastoma are particularly difficult to differentiate from EFTs also, because of the presence of nesting pattern of cells in many of these cases.
Newt efts possessed almost a tenfold difference in whole newt TTX levels, ranging between 0.014 and 0.11 mg (mean [+ or -] SD; 0.05 [+ or -] 0.03).