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/A/. Software Portability Group, U Waterloo. A typeless language derived from (and similar to) B. Provides guaranteed order of evaluation for side effects in expressions. Also character indexing operators.

See also Zed.

["Eh Reference Manual", R.S.C. Braga, RR CS-76-45, U Waterloo, Nov 1976].


The country code for Western Sahara.
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Keynote presentations from Cardinal Health and SKF on the role of integrated enterprise EHS Software to manage EHS processes
Written specifically for EHS managers, the new paper includes overviews on the overall power of SharePoint, harnessing SharePoint for EHS management; utilizing mobile devices for data capture and integration; and numerous additional benefits for EHS applications.
Qudorat is comprised of two main electronic applications, the first of which is for the registration of EHS Professional Entities (companies / establishments) working in the EHS fields, while the second is for the registration of EHS Practitioners (individuals) working in these fields, said Al Jaberi, Registration of individuals and establishments will commence in phases and will be specified by the Center.
If there is a contract with the school, the school writes a check to EHS once a month.
This book highlights 10 principles that will guide you, along with 8 tactics you can use to implement your EHS activities.
In addition to delivering a full suite of EHS solutions, ProcessMAP provides cohesive reporting and facilitates data exchange across human resources, payroll, Risk Information Management, and Third-Party Administration systems.
The step comes in implementation of the circular issued by Musabbah Mubarak Al Murar, Acting General Manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, which provides for launching the second phase of training employees of respective centres on the EHS management system.
The chief executive linked EHS with productivity and noted that ".
The unique EHS ethos ensures that girls gain self-confidence and personal satisfaction and flourish - we warmly encourage you to visit us to discover what makes an EHS education so special.
Previously, LaMantia served as project EHS Manager for American Safety Consultants.
In fact, our EHS management system helps ensure we conduct all business activities in a responsible manner that protects employees, neighbors, customers and the environment.
In 2011, the scheme was expanded with additional 59 new EHS representatives.