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As an EHSI, the G5 is approved as a primary source for displaying vertical and lateral GPS/VOR/LOC course deviation, plus it shows groundspeed and the distance to the next waypoint.
In December, EHSI acquired a licence to use the bioreactor to expand adult stem cells in Germany, China, Panama and elsewhere around the globe.
Celulas Genetica purchased a license to develop and market the Rutherford Procedure earlier this week, a day before EHSI announced the company's acquisition.
I enjoy my work with EHSI as their priorities are identical to mine, to deliver quality health care services to patients in a compassionate manner in order to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Each summer the EHSI accepts about 15 students to the program, and houses them in student residence halls on the Iowa campus.
In some cases, the EHSI display will X-out the heading data when the heading feed becomes invalid, but the typical installation did not provide a backup.
Newkirk notes that 2005 will be the first year any former EHSI students will have completed their undergraduate education, "and that will give us a picture of their graduate school and career choices.
The Sandel SN3308 EHSI requires regular replacement intervals of its internal halogen projector lamp.
A remote AHARS is connected to a panel-mounted switch that toggles between EHSI and attitude while retaining the heading display.
The $9995 EFD1000 Pro version will be the market leader, with AD1, EHSI with dual bearing pointers for displaying multiple GPS and nav sources, flight director input, integrated GPSS digital autopilot steering and heading command outputs, plus a base map with curved flight plan segments, including procedure turns and holding patterns.
I also have an Icarus NavAlert above the EHSI that normally is used to record clearance altitudes but can also display a selection of other data including a Mode C altitude and CDI display.