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(Formerly "RS-485") An EIA serial line standard which specifies 2-wire, half-duplex, differential line, multi-point communications. Maximum cable length is 1200m. Maximum data rates are 10Mbps at 1.2m or 100Kbps at 1200m. EIA-485 can implement a truly multi-point communications network, and specifies up to 32 drivers and 32 receivers on a single (2-wire) bus.

Differential SCSI uses EIA-485.

Details on RS-232, 422, 423, and 485.
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A TIA/EIA standard for serial multipoint communications lines. It can be implemented with as little as a wire block with four screws or with DB-9 or DB-37 connectors. By using lower-impedance drivers and receivers, RS-485 allows more nodes per line than RS-422. See RS-232 and RS-232/485.
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EIA 485 Modbus serial communications are utilized, enabling Ethernet/Internet connectivity, which allows the instantaneous exchange of information between processing equipment and a customer's management system.
It is based on EIA 485 with typically a 2 volt signal between the differential pair of wires.