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exterior insulation and finishing system

An exterior finish for a building composed of polystyrene foam covered with a synthetic stucco; this type of stucco (in contrast to traditional, porous cement-based stucco) is waterproof and is sprayed on.
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There's been a continuum of reaction, everything from one company that might put in a mandatory requirement as to how EIFS is applied, to insurers who might not want to get involved with anybody who does EIFS work," Golden said.
Ann Hickman, senior research analyst at the International Risk Management Institute, says that to her knowledge, AIC is the first company of its kind specifically for EIFS installers.
Because these plaintiffs must show that EIFS would have caused problems even if it had been installed correctly, these claims are more costly and difficult to pursue.
EIFS is designed to shed all water, although the EIFS Industry Members Association indicates that the systems are intended to be "water-vapor" permeable.
ING is lead lender which has deepened the existing strong relationship with the RBI group and EIF even further.
That may not matter in wall systems that can breathe, but EIFS walls are called barrier systems because the finish is impermeable.
and the EIFS Industry Members Association, Atlanta, have agreed to use the combined strengths of both associations to advance the exterior insulation and finish system industry effective March 1, 2009.
The SME Initiative was presented at the offices of the Ministry of Economic Development on via Molise by Dario Scannapieco, EIB Vice-President and Chairman of the EIF's Board of Directors, Pier Luigi Gilibert, EIF Chief Executive, Carlo Sappino, Director General of Incentives to Enterprises at the Ministry of Economic Development, Rudolf Niessler, Director, Regional Policy at the European Commission (DG REGIO), with responsibility for programmes in southern European countries, and Ciprian Cristea, Head of the DG GROW Unit with responsibility for financial instruments under the COSME programme.
The key to a successful EIFS project lies mostly in three factors.
Indeed, some carriers have stopped insuring EIFS jobs altogether, while others have raised premiums to prohibitive levels, forcing some contractors to forgo EIFS in favor of stucco or other types of wall cladding.
By insulating outside the structure, EIFS reduce air infiltration, stabilize the interior environment and reduce energy consumption.