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(1) (Electronic Image Stabilization) See image stabilization.

(2) (Executive Information System) An information system that consolidates and summarizes ongoing transactions within the organization. It provides top management with all the information it requires at all times from internal and external sources.

The terms EIS and DSS (decision support system) are often used synonymously; however, an EIS implies more of a war room style graphical interface that overlooks the entire enterprise. A decision support system (DSS) typically provides a spreadsheet style "what if?" analysis capability, often for only one department or one product at a time. LightShip and Forest & Trees are examples of EIS software that popularized the concept. The EIS systems in the 1980s were the progenitors of the business intelligence (BI) software in the 1990s. See decision support system, EII and BI software.

(2) (Enterprise Information Services) The back-end layer where the traditional data processing occurs in an organization, which includes the databases, mainframe and ERP applications.

(3) (EIS International, Inc., Herndon, VA) Founded in Connecticut in 1980 by Robert Jesurum, EIS became a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for call centers worldwide. The firm's call center workstations and predictive dialing software were used in a wide variety of industries, including finance, telecom and cable, publishing and market research. In 2000, EIS became a subsidiary of German-based SER Systeme AG, and in 2002, a management buyout created the independent SER Solutions, Inc. with headquarters in Dulles, VA. Private investment firm The Gores Group acquired SER in early 2006. For more information, visit www.ser.com.
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environmental impact statement

A detailed analysis of the probable environmental consequences of proposed federal legislation, major federal actions, or large-scale construction making use of federal funds, likely to have significant effects on environmental quality; such a statement is required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. §4321 et seq.).
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CubCrafters is Lycoming's strategic OEM launch customer for dual Lycoming EIS. Lycoming's IO-390-D3B6, marketed under the CubCrafters trade name CC393i, is a new high-performance engine that includes the dual Lycoming EIS and powers CubCrafters flagship personal adventure aircraft, the CC-19 XCub.
Speaking on behalf of workers' rights, MTUC said the EIS needed more transparency.
Suderman told us that the extra power provided by the Electroair EIS was one of the reasons he could break the spin records while noting that with only about 1.5 hours of endurance in the S-1X, he's not able to take much advantage of the reduced fuel consumption available with electronic ignition.
More back and forth ensues until a final EIS is drafted.
Adopting EIS eliminates the need for a camera bump on the back of the Pixel handsets.
"While some progress has been made, the final recommendations do not address sufficiently the concerns of EIS members.
EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan said: "We have a greatly-improved offer which addresses the priorities set by the EIS."
He will ensure EiS' new and existing EMEA clients receive the highest quality service in addressing their real-time reporting and BI needs.
EIS is for investors buying shares in small private companies, and SEIS is for those investing in even smaller companies.
Over the last number of years, the government have increased the investment limits for the Enterprise Investment Scheme ('EIS') whilst also introducing a new sister relief, SEED EIS, which was set up to provide greater levels of tax relief for very small start-ups.
Please note that PEO EIS anticipates the release of the official ECs by April 3, 2015 via FedBizOpps.com (FBO).