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Creative Science Systems was responsible for the first middleware enabled PDA and Set Top Box, the first W3C standard XML Schema to Java compiler tool, the first load balanced EJB Container Server, and the first modular application server.
Creative Science Systems announced today the latest release of NetZyme(TM) Enterprise, which takes customers to the next level of distributed e-business infrastructure development by enabling load balancing within J2EE EJB container servers.
NetZyme(TM) Enterprise combines this first-in-class load balanced J2EE EJB container server with its comprehensive set of features, further extending NetZyme(TM)'s already proven enterprise credentials in the areas of enterprise grade, mission critical system deployment, integration and management.
IONA iPortal Application Server provides the complete EJB Container functionality required for a J2EE platform.
The highly scalable EJB Container with fault tolerance and clustering provides dynamic migration and reconfiguration of EJB Applications with no system downtime.
Individual targeting modules for third-party EJB containers enable EJBs to run in and be easily moved among heterogeneous EJB containers -- including WebSphere, WebLogic and SynerJ Server -- without any development efforts.
GemStone/J's strength also lies in its Web access service and its Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) server that integrates the Java 2 platform, JavaServer Pages (JSP), a Java Servlet engine, EJB containers, a CORBA ORB and an all-Java Object Transaction Monitor (OTM).