EL display

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EL display

(ElectroLuminescent display) A flat panel display technology that provides a sharp, clear image and wide viewing angle. It contains a thin film phosphor layer sandwiched between an x-axis and a y-axis panel. When an x-y coordinate is charged, the phosphor in that vicinity emits visible light. The phosphors are more like semiconductor materials than those used in a CRT. Most EL displays are monochrome, typically yellow orange.

Active matrix EL is an advanced EL technology that uses a transistor at each pixel. It is used to make small head mounted displays (HMDs) that require very sharp images.

For Demanding Applications
Although some of the first portable computers used EL displays, they are mostly used in instrumentation for rugged military, transportation and industrial applications. EL screens range from 3/4" to 10" and larger, but are more cost effective in the smaller sizes. Planar Systems is the leader in this field.

Electroluminescent Technology
EL displays contain a powdered or thin film phosphor layer sandwiched between x- and y-axis panels. When an x-y coordinate is charged, the phosphor in that vicinity emits visible light. (Redrawn from diagram courtesy of Planar Systems, Inc., www.planar.com)

Heavy-Duty Uses
EL displays are used in rugged, heavy-duty applications such as the computer screen in this tractor-trailer. (Image courtesy of Planar Systems, Inc., www.planar.com)
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In addition, KDDI claimed it has also developed the world's first 2.8" QVGA, organic EL display, in collaboration with Samsung SDI, for use in au handsets, to be used in three of the new models including the Wooo Keitai W53H.
Because EL displays are surface emitters, it is possible to put a number of colored filters over the top.
"Some of our engineers in Finland began to experiment with what would happen if you left the dark layer off of the back of an EL display," he said.
The HB is three times as bright and requires half the power of previous generations of EL displays, making it ideal for battery-powered applications, like the portable M Series.
Since limitations are on the electronics, not the glass, EL displays maintain a producibility/packagability advantage over the complex glass structure of the AMLCD, according to John Gilbert, marketing manager for Planar Systems, Inc.
Toppan Printing, a major printing company in Japan, has developed a low-cost printing process for the manufacture of large-sized full-color organic EL display.
Standard features: Closed-loop proportional hydraulics, variable-volume pump; closed-loop injection speed and pressure; N-IV control with amber EL display and internal memory for 40 mold set-ups.
5 An EL display panel with analog and digital information.