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see electromotive forceelectromotive force,
abbr. emf, difference in electric potential, or voltage, between the terminals of a source of electricity, e.g., a battery from which no current is being drawn. When current is drawn, the potential difference drops below the emf value.
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(physical chemistry)

electromotive force

The force which causes (or tends to cause) the movement of electricity in a conductor; the difference in potential between the terminals of an electric source.


(1) (ElectroMagnetic Field) See electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

(2) (Enhanced MetaFile) See Windows metafile.

(3) (ElectroMotive Force) Electrical energy measured in volts.
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In line with leading members of her conservatives in parliament, she also rejected plans floated by the European Commission to make use of a specific EU legal provision to develop the existing euro zone bailout fund into an EMF.
Research has found that calcium channel blocking drugs could mitigate the non-thermal damaging effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
In summary, further investigation and research into the pervasive impact of HVOTLs' omnipresent EMFs upon adjoining properties should be conducted in terms of health and property valuation ramifications.
The close proximity of mobile phones to users' head further increases the risk of absorption of EMF radiations.
At vertical column EMF exposed point investigated (Table 2), no significant variation was observed in the E.coli concentration.
The trouble is that EMF's will be around us for life.
Embryo development: There were insignificant changes in the rate of embryo survival to the blastocyst stage in the experimental group after exposure to EMF emitted from cell phone, compared with control group (Table 1).
In summary, these findings were in keeping with a restrictive cardiomyopathy, most likely biventricular EMF.
EMF'S portfolio, which includes 40 premium international brands, comprises chocolate and cocoa related products, pastry and bakery ingredients, decoration and accessories, and specialised machinery.
Engineered to deliver greater reliability and ease of maintenance, the Deister EMF Series features a machine weight that is more robust.
Public exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) is continuously changing in the two main frequency domains: radiofrequency (RF) - 100kHz to 300GHz; and extremely low frequency (ELF) - 0 to 300Hz.
While these currents produce both electric and magnetic fields, only the magnetic field, here called an electromagnetic field (EMF), is emitted from the cable.