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emic and etic

a distinction originating from LINGUISTICS (Pike, 1967), but now widely used in sociology and anthropology between accounts made from a perspective indigenous or internal to a language or social situation (an emic account), and those made from a perspective external to the language or social context, including sociological observers' accounts (etic accounts). See also MEANINGFUL UNDERSTANDING, HERMENEUTICS, FORMS OF LIFE.

The original distinction stems from the linguistic terms phonemic and phonetic.

Whereas a phonemic account rests on the speaker's own recognition of patterns of sound, phonetic accounts are based on the observer's model and measurement of these differences.

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With Epicor ERP serving as the backbone of the business, EMIC now also has the confidence to update its ISO certification from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.
1999) in some cases quantitative surveys can be used within emic perspectives of indigenous constructs as well as ethnographic observation and qualitative data within etic perspectives.
However, in loading direction 2 (in-plane), the curves swap their patterns and the EMIC data exhibit the stronger and stiffer response.
Dr Oliver Behrend, deputy general manager of EMIC, said: "The start of the implementation of the project is a key milestone for UTG and EMIC and the result of very hard work by both companies.
Finally, the manuscript will examine both emic and etic religious coping responses within indigenous theological literature from Africa and Central America.
But the way we grasp notions of power and order theoretically in combination with emic understandings, can certainly illuminate some aspects of Theravada Buddhism's political theory and practice that have yet to be discovered.
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There is no gainsaying the particular experience of the emic point of vantage.
This assumption of modularity is possible owing to the emic American Buddhist stance of the study.
Topics of the 19 papers include global MHD eigenmodes of the outer magnetosphere, the effect of EMIC waves on radiation belt particles, passive and active radar techniques for detecting the ULF waves, and electron phase space density signatures.
An alternative model of well-being and development using an emic and post-hoc approach is presented.
L'ouvrage reflete des preoccupations et methodologies caracteristiques des annees 1980 et bien que partiellement actualise et particulierement fouille, il garde generalement une perspective descriptive externe oo manque l'approche emic qui aurait pu servir de point de depart pour analyser les questions de genre en milieu indien.