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electrical metallic tubing

A thin-walled metal raceway having a circular cross section; used to pull in or withdraw electric cables or wires after the tubing is installed in place; uses connectors and couplings other than the threaded type.
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The National Ambulance EMT programme is designed to meet these objectives and we are proud of both the growth of the programme and the inspirational young Emiratis who have joined us in serving their communities."
Key recommendations at the workshop included development of country Standard Operating Procedures for formulation of EMTs; assignment of an international mentor for EMTs by WHO to the ZNPHI; development of criteria for identifying and prioritizing facilities/provinces that need to be trained in EMT; training of clinicians at points of entry; strengthening of the early warning system and surveillance.
"Given their deep regional expertise, wide channel base and proven technical capabilities, we're excited to expand our partnership activities with emt Distribution.
While the law brings new hope for modern EMTs, it also places the buck squarely at the feet of BDL, giving it the sole power to update its currently broad and nearly two-decade old EMT regulations.
The researchers calculate that "introduction of eMT is equivalent of the export increase from reducing distances between countries by 37.3 percent."
Operations and EMT Distribution launched their collaboration at the GITEX
Commenting on the announcement, Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri, Deputy CEO of National Ambulance, said: "When we launched our Emirati EMT programme last year, our intention was to build a programme that would be sustainable in the long-term; to enable a generation of qualified and professional Emiratis capable of working in the critical emergency medical sector and serve people in the Northern Emirates.
During EMT, epithelial cells lose their cell-cell adhesion and apical-basal polarity, gaining the ability to individually migrate and invade basement membrane and blood vessels [7].
Therefore, close attention has been paid to the epithelialmesenchymal transition (EMT) process and its involvement in the pathogenesis of fibrotic diseases [3, 5-7].
Many studies have shown that epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is involved in the development of chemo-resistance (12-16).