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With 120 Hz input frequency and 15 kHz clock frequency, the ADC shows that SNDR is 46.5 dB and ENOB is 7.43 bits.
It was also tested under the condition of Vref=600mV and Vin=[+ or -]600mV in addition to the typical condition of Vref=300mV and Vin=[+ or -]300mV Performances of 68.8dB in SNDR or 11.1bits in ENOB, which are better than the target, were verified within the temperature range of -40[degrees]C to +175 [degrees]C in each channel.
With 100-125 OSR, a several hundreds of ps clock jitter could not obviously affect the ADC ENOB. Since each ADC bank has a 0.5 ns clock propagation delay, each ADC bank can operate with a slight time interval; thus, the superposed clock interference and the digital switching noise are reduced by a factor of 16.
(1) Calculation of the FOM is complicated by an accurate measure of the ENOB, as well as associated processing such as the need for digital calibration circuits or signal pre-conditioning that add to power consumption P.
A trigger jitter of only 2 picoseconds maintains low noise, delivering a high effective number of bits (ENOB) over the full frequency range.
Evaluated in ENOB accuracy improvement from 9.64 bit to 11.90 bit has been obtained, which excels previous results with Gaussian dither (11.73 bit).
Analog stages noise and distortion might have been low enough for a 15 effective number of bits DAC (ENOB) to dominate, but with a 17.5 bit DAC the analog section may have to be upgraded.
And this same process will be carried out at the London plant under the subsidiary name ENOB Treatments.
The vendor says the precision ADC offers the highest effective number of bits (ENOB) of any integrated ADC, boasting 13.2 ENOB at 1 MS/s and up to 16 ENOB with software oversampling.
For the sampling rate of 2 GSps, Nyquist input signal frequency, the FFT results show that the effective number of bits (ENOB) is 7.338 bit, presented in Figure 11.