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ADI's AD7626 PulSAR ADC achieves a new level of 16-bit data capture performance, with best-in-class 15-bit ENOB (effective number of bits) and 10-MSPS (million samples per second) throughput, which is 2.
2 ENOB is expected over bandwidths ranging from a few MHz to 80MHz, cellular LTE occupying the lower end, whilst WiFi s 802.
With an ENOB (Effective Number of Bits) rating under worst case conditions of 14.
The ADIsimADC software design tool provides detailed performance variation in ac and dc performance parameters (SNR, SFDR, ENOB, DNL and INL) for the desired operating conditions that determine if an ADC will actually meet the system goals.
The noise figures I have just given in ENOBS are measured by Cirrus Logic with an "A-weighted" filter.