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frequency response, and the datasheet quotes ENOB >7.
1bits in ENOB, which are better than the target, were verified within the temperature range of -40[degrees]C to +175 [degrees]C in each channel.
1) Calculation of the FOM is complicated by an accurate measure of the ENOB, as well as associated processing such as the need for digital calibration circuits or signal pre-conditioning that add to power consumption P.
Zamudio 2972 (EBUM, ENOB, IEB, MEXU); 4 km al ENE de San Javier, sobre el camino a Sombrerete, municipio de Cadereyta, G.
so that it lies above the passband of the digital output filter, and the ENOB [effective number of bits] is therefore much larger than would otherwise be expected from the oversampling ratio.
Tek's real-time ATI oscilloscope portfolio (DP070000SX) has the lowest noise and highest ENOB in the industry, which are critical for PAM-4 measurements.
Until now, the only way to capture up to ~200 MHz of bandwidth and achieve ENOB values greater than nine bits was to use a receive architecture that down-converted the RF to an IF (intermediate frequency) of less than 750 MHz.
We needed a 16-bit, 250 MSPS data converter with 90 db of SFDR for one of our key customer's highly advanced, data acquisition systems," said Brian Kimball, principal hardware engineer, Mercury Computer Systems, a leading provider of open, application-ready, multi-INT subsystems for the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance market "The AD9467 data converter was designed into this system because it met our customer's SFDR, ENOB (effective number of bits), and power requirements.
According to Joel Woodward, Infiniium S-Series product manager, the new scope "delivers the best ENOB in the entire scope market today, not only in the midrange segment.
To calculate an ADC's ENOB value, put the measured SNR value into the equation above and solve for n.
Superior design quality for all error sources with an ENOB (Effective Number of Bits) rating of 14.
5 dB band flatness from DC to 250 MHz, the AT84AS001TP provides 62 dBc SNR, 75 dBc SFDR and 10 ENOB at 500 Msps over the first Nyquist zone with two-tone Inter-Modulation Distortion (IMD) limited to -70 dB.