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electrical nonmetallic tubing (ENT)

A round, corrugated plastic tube that is concealed in concrete, or it may be concealed in a ceiling construction having a fire rating of at least 15 minutes, provided the ceiling is not used as a plenum for return air.
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Vendors are constantly innovating ENT laser devices to enhance their functionalities and improve sales.
In this disease, the patient usually has changed the voice, respiratory distress and also can have difficulty in swallowing and the total laryngectomy is the treatment which is always done under General Anesthesia but in ENT department did this unique surgery without general anaesthesia.
About the main ENT diseases, he said that nasal allergy, ear discharge, deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, vertigo and hearing loss are common diseases in our society.
at the ENT department continue providing services free of cost
Omanorl 2018 was organised by Oman ENT Society, in cooperation with the Directorate General of Health Services in Dhofar, Sultan Qaboos University, Medical Services in the Armed Forces and Gulf ENT Society.
These ENT diseases include infections, inflammatory diseases, tumors, trauma, vascular diseases, neurologic conditions etc.
The relocation of ENT outpatient clinics to the Ambulatory Care Center follows the transfer of the ENT surgery service from Hamad General Hospital late last year.
StealthStation ENT uses a proprietary electromagnetic tracking technology.
If the Entwives' naming points to the primacy of marriage in the story of the Ent and Entwife, The Silmarillion and Tolkien's intended epilogue to The Lord of the Rings reinforce this emphasis.
Objective: To evaluate the epidemiological profile of various ENT diseases in school going children and trends of seeking healthcare i.e consulting ENT specialist, general physicians and quacks in Shangla valley.