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This is another example of how EOD is using technology to its benefit.
As the deployment progressed and eventually neared the end, we transferred our operations mission to the EOD teams and focused primarily on our advisory role.
Army EOD is best known for locating, identifying, evaluating, rendering safe, recovering, and determining the final disposition of all explosive items, including chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear ordnance, improvised explosive devices, unexploded ordnance, and previously unknown ordnance.
EAD is a closed-end high-yield bond fund, ERC is a closed-end income fund, ERH and EOD are closed-end equity and high-yield bond funds.
5 mile run), followed by a 15-man helicopter cast and recovery display by members of the command and EOD Mobile Units, and finally a command picnic.
The CBRNE response team was tasked to accomplish diverse problem sets outside the scope of traditional CBRNE response team operations: assessment of an active chemical plant to predict future hazards; response to a train derailment with suspected chemical agent; conduct of a combined area reconnaissance with a German reconnaissance team and American EOD assets for a suspected chemical mortar firing point; and assessment of buildings containing multiple improvised explosive devices and clandestine laboratories for homemade explosives, radiological dispersal devices, and mustard and biological research.
With combat missions winding down, EOD is now able to divert attention to its nine other mission sets: aerospace systems and vehicle conventional munitions, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear inventory, UXOs, operational range clearances, mortuary services, defense support for civil authorities, irregular warfare (where EOD teams serve as combat enablers for general forces or special operations), and VIP support.
While EOD covers a wide range of mission areas from rendering safe conventional, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, it was during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) when the acronym "IED," or Improvised Explosive Device, became common military lingo and a household name.
sup][2] EOD may be an index of a more severe, highly comorbid disorder and is less responsive to antidepressant pharmacotherapy.
Part of the 63rd EOD Battalion, 52nd EOD Group, 20th CBRNE Command (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Explosives), the 725th EOD Company covers the northeastern United States.
No threat to residents and the ever efficient EOD have dealt and taken the shells away for destruction.
The Level 2 course was conducted on October 13-17 and from October 20 to October 24, and was a follow-up to the EOD Level 1 course, which attracted the interests of other countries in the region.