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Target Discovery's EOTrol(TM) product line enables previously unattainable separations capabilities through the precise control of electroosmotic force and flow (EOF), including the ability to reverse EOF direction in bare silica capillaries.
After stratification for performance status (PS) and extent of disease, patients with histologically confirmed gastric (stomach) adenocarcinoma, squamous or undifferentiated carcinoma received one of four regimens: ECF = 263 patients; EOF = 245 patients; ECX (epirubicin, cisplatin, capecitabine) = 250 patients or EOX = 244 patients.
Three reagents are initially offered from the EOTrol(TM) family, providing consistent and reproducible "High Normal" (normal EOF level and flow direction), "Low Normal" (low EOF that is more resilient and consistent than the best coated capillaries) and "High Reverse" (opening up a whole new class of separations through reversal of EOF direction) with others to follow.
Our investment in the EOF and JIC represents Constellation Energy's ongoing commitment to public and employee health and safety, which are our highest priorities.
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for EOF, please visit the American Stock Exchange website at http://www.
WWF has published and promoted a new EOF report which claims that Asia Pulp & Paper is converting parts of the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary in Sumatra into pulpwood plantation.
There are only a few systematic studies on the influence of salt concentration on EOF in NACE [17, 18].
58) CALL EOF Conference Packet, supra note 3, at 4 ("Lessons learned from OIF reveal that the more control measures and barrier equipment at a TCP, the more time a Soldier has to make an EOF decision.
The PS285,000 committed to the programme with the college is funded in-part by an EOF grant of up to PS142,000, which the business must match-fund with its own money, and will allow Nifco to provide staff training in areas such as maintenance, quality and principles.
Because of the existence of a considerable EOF, we are unable to consistently resolve hemoglobin C from [A.
1-6 Construction of a four-storey residential and commercial building, with about 39 EOF subsidized apartments and 60 privately financed micro-apartments, and privately financed commercial units and a one-storey underground car park with about 84 TG-plots, in ME-nchen-Ramersdorf, Bath Schachener-Str , 44-46 South between Echardinger- and Krumbadstr.