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EOG (Electrooculogram)


Modern scientific dream research did not really accelerate until after Eugene Aserinsky and Nathaniel Kleitman’s 1953 discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and the subsequent linking of REM sleep with dreaming. Although later studies showed that significant dreaming could take place during non-REM sleep, the postulate that there was a close correlation between dreams and REM sleep guided scientific dream research for over a decade. The measurement of REM is referred to as an electrooculogram or EOG. It is obtained by placing electrodes around the outside of the eyes and recording changes in electrical potential between the back of the eye and the front of the eye.

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The EOG provides an advantage over other measurements of eye movement because head and body movements do not hinder recording.
Continental Resources and EOG Resources are both on track to return to profitability in 2017, even with oil prices remaining relatively low.
Under the terms of this private, negotiated transaction, EOG will issue 26.
detected the relationship between EOG information and eye blink or eye movements to categorize different types of eye movement into four commands which controlled the computer or other instruments [12].
In accordance with the requirements of regulation 7(1) of The Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002 (as amended), copies of the application (including the Chemical Risk Assessment) may be inspected between 10 am and 4 pm on business days at EOG Resources United Kingdom Limited, Andrews House, College Road, Guildford, GU1 41B until the close of business on 11th June 2015.
EOG was the latest major US shale oil producer to peg increased operations to a specific dollar amount, a positive sign for an industry worried that last year's price drop would permanently cripple growth.
The researchers linked the two separate data sets to locate records of children who had been screened for lead and had also taken at least one EOG test.
Given the academic record of a specific student, imagine plotting EOG scores as a function of time.
Virtually every submarine is in full compliance with the requirement to calibrate EOG meters annually.
EOG is leasing the space from Koeppel and Koeppel, owners of the building.
Knapp's circuitry turns the EOG signals into electrical indicators of eye position.