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EOG (Electrooculogram)


Modern scientific dream research did not really accelerate until after Eugene Aserinsky and Nathaniel Kleitman’s 1953 discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and the subsequent linking of REM sleep with dreaming. Although later studies showed that significant dreaming could take place during non-REM sleep, the postulate that there was a close correlation between dreams and REM sleep guided scientific dream research for over a decade. The measurement of REM is referred to as an electrooculogram or EOG. It is obtained by placing electrodes around the outside of the eyes and recording changes in electrical potential between the back of the eye and the front of the eye.

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EOG, considered a leader in the US shale oil industry, has for months drilled new wells only to keep them idle by delaying fracking, part of a strategy to hold back pumping some crude after a roughly 40 per cent drop in prices since last summer.
Chevron Canada Limited will acquire 110,000 net acres in the established Horn River Basin from Encana, EOG and Apache, and 212,000 net acres in the Liard Basin from Apache.
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In North Carolina, each child in grades 3 through 8 takes a multiple-choice EOG test in reading and mathematics.
Given the academic record of a specific student, imagine plotting EOG scores as a function of time.
Virtually every submarine is in full compliance with the requirement to calibrate EOG meters annually.
Using the Curriculum Design framework, teachers, students and parents can see student expectations for each grade level; track student progress; identify student needs; provide focused instruction and interventions; and, ultimately, improve student achievement in the classroom and on the EOG Test.
During the EOG examination, eye movements were registered by a Grass polygraph (model 79D) and DC register, with an upper cutoff frequency of 75 Hz.
An EOG system capable of recording behavior of both eyes in virtually any display system - head mounted or not - would therefore offer considerable potential benefits to the investigation of the effects of virtual visual environments, especially with HMDs.
EOG is leasing the space from Koeppel and Koeppel, owners of the building.
He and the Stanford inventors are considering using EOG signals to allow disabled patients to move the cursor around the screen like an "eye-controlled mouse."
Attia and Enas Shabana, along with EOG CSR Subcommittee and Brownfield Subcommittee by giving them certificates of appreciation.