National Organization of Cypriot Fighters

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National Organization of Cypriot Fighters


(Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston; EOKA), a military and political organization of Cypriot Greeks, primarily prosperous peasants and merchants, advocating the immediate union of Cyprus with Greece.

EOKA was founded in 1951 by the Greek colonel G. Grivas (died January 1974) ostensibly for the purpose of fighting against British domination on Cyprus. In reality, the small armed groups making up the organization waged their terrorist activities not so much against British soldiers on Cyprus as against activists of the Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus and other democratic organizations. After the formation of the Republic of Cyprus, EOKA continued its avowed fight for enosis (union).

On July 15, 1974, the EOKA groups known as EOKA–2 took part in an antigovernment uprising. As a result of the rebellion, Turkish troops landed on Cyprus, relations between Greek and Turkish Cypriots became strained, and the independence of the Republic of Cyprus was weakened.

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He is quite right to point out that the EOKA emergency in Cyprus didn't start until 1955.
7) What the British Government need was clear proof that Makarios was actually connected to EOKA.
The British believed that Archbishop Makarios was deeply involved in EOKA and deported him to 'an unknown destination', which turned out to be the Seychelles, along with a bishop, a priest and the editor of a nationalist newspaper.
Lt Col Manuel also laid wreaths at the graves of two other Welsh soldiers whose remains are buried there: Private James Gould, 22 of The Welch Regiment who was also killed in the EOKA campaign and another private, JT Northcote, 19 of the South Wales Borderers who died in 1947 from injuries he suffered during World War II.
The documents also show that soldiers chasing EOKA members also took retaliatory measures against citizens.
Not only has Grivas' handwriting been identified by a graphologist and a number of captured terrorists, but the diaries contain such a complete and detailed account of the build-up of EOKA that no one but Grivas--whom Athens has identified as Dighenis--could have written them.
The EOKA veterans are being represented by KJ Conroy & Co Solicitors, a Birmingham-based law firm.
Referring to the photographic exhibition, which is part of the general exhibition, Stephanou noted that through the photographic images people may reflect on the historic path and realize "how we reached here" and "what we did wrong to end up in the double crime in 1974 of the treacherous, fascist coup d'etat of the Athens junta and EOKA B', and of the Turkish invasion that followed".
I served for 11 years in the Army and later served two years in Cyprus during the EOKA uprising, but I mention this only to let you know that I may have a legitimate claim to have an opinion on this delicate subject.
Grivas wrote a letter which he entered in his fourth diary as having been sent to "Gen" in which he repeated that he was ready and in which he asked for a final confirmation of the date on which EOKA operations were to be started.
In which former British colony did the EOKA movement engage in guerrilla warfare during the 1950s?
Jewish terrorist organisations set the post-war pattern for the bomb and the bullet rather than the ballot box, techniques followed by the IRA, EOKA, ETA and the PLO.