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The state-controlled Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has about 15% of its crude oil using EOR systems.
The solar EOR facility will use concentrated thermal energy from the sun to produce low-cost, emission-free steam that will be fed directly into PDO's existing steam distribution network.
The completed project will be 27 times larger than the GlassPoint solar EOR system installed at Berry Petroleum's 21Z oil field in Kern County, California, USA.
The new PDS Managing Director also said "At present, PDO has three other EOR projects underway using two other main EOR technologies.
However, EOR is quickly becoming more feasible, due to rising government interest and investment, new technologies, and increased availability of required materials (such as CO2).
He said that PDO is moving towards becoming a global leader in the application of EOR processes.
Thermal EOR is a proven technique to facilitate the recovery of heavy oil that is too thick to pump to the surface using conventional means.
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39 billion, is the first large-scale EOR scheme which is anticipated to produce a daily output of 120,000 barrels of oil, with an aggregate capacity of 640 million barrels over its 40-year life expectancy.
The Captain EOR project will use polymer injection technology to increase oil and gas recovery, helping to further establish the offshore full-field application of polymer EOR technology for possible application elsewhere in the North Sea and globally.
Furthermore, if Oman were to localize the supply chain for solar steam generators, solar EOR could contribute more than $12 billion to Omani GDP over the next decade," he added.
The Shell-designed EOR programme for PDO covers a range of techniques designed to increase the amount of crude oil which can be extracted from a field.