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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A governmental agency whose mission is to protect the natural environment by enacting and enforcing regulations concerning conditions that could otherwise adversely affect public health, such as the release of pollutants.
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"On closer inspection, you may consider that even though your EPA still technically works, it may not give you the same flexibility and benefits as an LPA.
"In particular, the leaders had unanimous consensus on the application of the principle of variable geometry as a mechanism of launching the implementation of EPA commitments for Kenya and Rwanda in their distinguished identity as the only EAC countries that have so far signed the EPA agreement," Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau said in a statement.VARIABLE GEOMETRYUnder the negotiations, the term "variable geometry" implies that while EAC was to negotiate as a bloc, both sides acknowledge that there may be differences, some irreconcilable, among the member states and that such should not delay implementation as long as there are mechanisms to iron them out.
EPas expects its dividend policy to remain flexible and subject to business needs.
Ratification of the EU-West Africa regional EPA is currently being held up by Nigeria and The Gambia.
"We are honoured to receive EPAS accreditation and delighted to take part in the community of EFMD accredited institutions," commented Jean-Marcel Jammet, Managing Director & Dean of EDC Paris Business School.
Cameroon's decision to accept an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union puts it at loggerheads with the five other members of Central African Economic and Monentary Community (CEMAC), which are Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.
To obtain recognition as a "competent gastroenterologist," the practitioner must self-designate at least seven or more EPA practice domains at Level 2 with all remaining EPA practice domains at Level 1 (an option commonly associated with a general gastroenterology practice) or at least one or more EPAs at Level 3 with all remaining EPAs at either Level 1 or Level 2 (an option for subject matter clinical or research experts in a highly focused practice).
Regardless of the long-standing use of theses and dissertations in graduate education, few articles were found examining their pedagogical value as EPAs.
The rift between the European Union (EU) and the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific group (ACP) remained unresolved during negotiations on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), PANA reported from here.