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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A governmental agency whose mission is to protect the natural environment by enacting and enforcing regulations concerning conditions that could otherwise adversely affect public health, such as the release of pollutants.
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This author attended each national social work education conference since the initiation of EPAS 2008 and noted that questions were raised by social work educators about both the implications and the enforceability of this policy.
The omission of specific categories under the foundation curriculum content areas in the 2001 EPAS, however, represented a first step toward the reconceptualization of the categorical approach to curriculum content and a movement toward practice competencies.
Twelve percent (n=3) thought the new EPAS would give more focus to the core competencies.
Beyond a somewhat greater emphasis on outcomes and a broader understanding of diversity, I see little differences of substance between the current EPAS document and the 1971 Manual of Accrediting Standards for Graduate Professional Schools of Social Work.
0 we have increased the number of users that can access EPAS at any one time, dramatically improved session reliability and resolved all the printing issues.
I do not claim (as the authors imply) that EPAS as written means "that people are precluded or rebuked from studying client outcomes.
Instead, Gambrill seeks to trick us and says that if the criteria for educational standards are not evidence based (and she says that the EPAS isn't based on evidence) then it is based on "popularity," a sort of popular culture characterization of social work education (p.
This policy suggests that Web-based innovations are permissible so long as the program can prove that it meets all of the EPAS requirements and requires no waivers.
To say that clients' well-being was ignored and EPAS lacks credibility and evidentiary basis is to mischaracterize its context, purpose, and process.
TRW Lucas Varity is developing the new power-steering system - called EPAS - and aims to produce more than 2.
EFMD runs the EQUIS & EPAS, accreditation systems and is one of the key reference points for management education worldwide.
The purpose of the EPAS is to function as a guide to accreditation teams as well as to educational programs in planning curriculums that satisfy CSWE's mission.