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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A governmental agency whose mission is to protect the natural environment by enacting and enforcing regulations concerning conditions that could otherwise adversely affect public health, such as the release of pollutants.
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The reference steering torque map can be created based on a fully functional EPAS through standard tests for vehicle handling evaluation, such as weave test and double lane change test [24,25].
In the event of EPAS failure and shutdown, vehicle speed and lateral acceleration sensors and brake system will not be affected.
In recent researches [1]- [15], different control methods are used to design the optimal controllers which provides improved performance and robustness of EPAS system with respect to traditional hydraulic steering system.
Section II presents the model of 3-DOF nonlinear EPAS system.
We are honoured to receive EPAS accreditation and delighted to take part in the community of EFMD accredited institutions," commented Jean-Marcel Jammet, Managing Director & Dean of EDC Paris Business School.
EPAS particle engineering technology uses evaporative precipitation to generate nanostructured drug particles exhibiting rapid dissolution rates and enhanced bioavailability.
Further eight programmes from seven Institutions have been reaccredited by EPAS.
0 we have increased the number of users that can access EPAS at any one time, dramatically improved session reliability and resolved all the printing issues.
ACT's Interest Inventory is a component of its three EPAS programs (EXPLORE[R], PLAN[R], and the ACT[R]) and is administered to students at each of these grade levels.
EPAS includes EXPLORE[R] for 8th and 9th graders, PLAN[R] for 10th graders, and the ACT for 11th and 12th graders.
The study presents evidence that the three test batteries comprising EPAS are valid and consistent measures of students' academic achievement.