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1), ultra-EPDM, like any EPDM, still needs adequate reinforcement (carbon black or silica based) to develop sufficient strength, because EPDM does not appreciably strain crystallize (ref.
Based on application, the global EPDM market can be segmented into six: automotive, molded goods, building and construction, lubricant additives, plastic modification, and others.
While seeking a buyer for the elastomers business DSM has invested strongly, in particular in the Keltan ACE technology which reduces the energy and production costs for EPDM and broadens the application possibilities of the rubber.
In addition to EPDM, Millipore's extensive NovAseptic valve offering also includes silicone diaphragms and the unique PTFE valve solution for applications with extremely long service life requirements and the need for chemically inert materials and high temperature resistance.
Tests on the recycled EPDM material will be conducted to determine its viability as a recyclable product, either on its own or combined with other materials.
Its test for fluid resistance--in which the material's resistance to gasoline, brake fluid, windshield washer solvent, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and diesel at 70[degrees]C is measured--showed a marked difference between the RRPE and EPDM parts.
Patented ultra-low viscosity Keltan 1446A pelletized EPDM for use in curable sealants, caulk tapes and adhesives.
Approximately 80 percent of the EPDM market is located in the Midwest and Northeast.
For economical concern, the waste EPDM rubber powder was blended with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in this study.
Santoprene TPV B200 offers an enhanced bond to EPDM or TPV profiles for more reliable corner seals.
EPDM rubber has seen significant growth in recent years in automotive, wire and cable, roof sheeting and thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) applications, due to the unique molecular structure and versatile processing properties (refs.