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Because EDS only samples to a depth of ~5 pm, catalyst cores were cross-sectioned and elemental maps were collected with EPMA to assess the spatial distribution of contaminants throughout the DOC washcoat.
Figures 8, 9, and 10 show the results of EPMA surface element analysis of test pieces (1) to (3).
The Senate's EPMA bill takes important steps in facilitating public and private investment in those critical areas.
Titanium distribution of the same sample was determined using the EPMA technique.
aACoeThe UAE is in a unique position to really develop its Project Managers and attract new ones with the nationaACAOs upcoming infrastructure projects,aACA[yen] said Mohammed Al Shehhi, CEO of EPMA.
2014), "PPPM Health Care--United States Style: 'Political, Profitable, and Profligate Medicine,'" EPMA Journal 5(Suppl.
Flammer, "The primary vascular dysregulation syndrome: implications for eye diseases," The EPMA Journal, vol.
The EPMA has been created to ensure that the visions of growth that the leadership of the UAE has developed are delivered through competent project managers that are equipped with the best tools," said Al Hammadi.
EPMA was established in 2012 with a vision making the UAE as the leading regional Project Management knowledge and operational hub.
Falcon's tenement EPM 18289, is located 20 km southwest of Ernest Henry Mine, and in close proximity to two Minotaur tenements, EPM 19205 and EPMA 19775 (Figure 2 2 in link below).
EPMA is a technique used to measure concentration profiles in diffusion couples since the 1960s.
3] films, grown by the ALD method on Si(100) substrates, was determined using EPMA data and STRATA and FLA programs [11].