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However, with EPMA it is possible to get (n) multiple order reflections at the same crystal position.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, EPMA is one of the nation's leading project and portfolio management companies offering end to end services and solutions.
Ten phase diagrams (isothermal sections at 1200 [degrees]C for 40 h) were obtained using compositional information from EPMA and the structure information from EBSD (Fig.
The porosity of the phosphate coating was measured by EPMA analysis after copper sulphate deposition.
Chemical analysis of this layer by EPMA demonstrates (Figs.
The EPMA collects data from tactical sidescan sonars (through-the-sensor technology), supercomputer generated numerical models, and historical/climatological databases.
In our study we applied EPMA to examine the fraction of Chesapeake Bay striped bass that migrate to ocean waters and the frequency at which females and males undertake spawning runs.
Everton spokesman Ian Ross said: "We set very high standards and sadly representatives of EPMA did not.
Ian Ross, Everton's Head of PR said: ``We set very high standards at Everton and sadly representatives of EPMA did not, in our opinion, meet those standards in the minutes leading up to the kick-off of last Saturday's FA Cup tie.
EPMA of all samples showed a random iron distribution and a broad range size but no isolated iron particles.
Therefore this year's EPMA Award of Merit in the category Equipment/Materials goes to Uddeholm Tooling AB of Sweden.
The UAE is in a unique position to really develop its project managers and attract new ones with the nation's upcoming infrastructure projects," said Mohammed Al Shehhi, CEO of EPMA.