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We were able to achieve a high level of detail and confidence in the design application because of the completeness of the global EPR design now under construction, and by working directly with a large and highly respected energy company, Constellation Energy.
David Collison, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University's School of Chemistry, said: "In recent years we have seen developments in the applications fields of EPR and this facility will be able to address these new applications areas and advance the use of EPR in a range of studies.
There is significant utility interest in the EPR, and this formal support for the EPR is important to the U.
Based on these principles the bill fails miserably," said EPR Working Group member Helen Spiegelman.
Officer (later a Trustee and President) of EPR in connection with
To better observe the morphology of the studied blends and nanocomposites, the EPR phase was selectively etched by heptane.
The installation of the reactor vessel head is a highly precise operation and was executed using the EPR s polar crane.
The Chancellor's task force on EPR is to be welcomed.
Now, five years on, as we struggle out of a double-dip recession, the EPR legislation has fractured the relationship between the commercial property sector and the government.
CONCLUSION: The EPR is a unique and novel resource and is ideal for genotype-driven translational research of environmental disease.
Until very recently, EPR, also known as "the producer pays," had become the rule in Europe (see"In Europe, EPR Is the Law;' page 27) and was establishing beachheads all over the world.
A background chapter gives information on principles of EPR, basic components of the EPR spectrometer, and the purpose of in vivo EPR spectroscopy.