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EPR is, essentially, privatization of government functions related to solid waste.
Frankly, EPR really means two things: Number one, the responsibility for disposal is shifted upstream to the producer, and number two, the concept of EPR forces the manufacturer to make the design of their products more environmentally-friendly.
EPR works well in soil analysis as scientists can identify, quantify and monitor long-lived EPFRs in soil organic matter, short-lived ROS and paramagnetic heavy metals by analyzing an EPR signal.
The lady senator earlier raised the concept of EPR during a recent public hearing of the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, which she chairs.
Comment: In related deal, EPR will provide approximately USD 244m of five-year secured debt financing to OZRE for the purchase of 14 CNL Lifestyle ski properties valued at approximately USD 374m
The powder samples were measured in a standard Bruker EPR spectrometer setup equipped with a helium flow cooling system with temperature stabilization.
The measure calls on RIRRC to set rules and regulations for an EPR program for brands.
Because of low [T.sub.g] of PP and EPR, it was not possible to polish our samples by ultra-microtomy in order to make quantitative study of the sizes of the dispersed phases.
To examine free radicals the powdered heated bismuth subgallate samples were located in thin walled glass tubes with the external diameter of3 mm, and the EPR spectra were measured.
The literature on EPR spectroscopic study of ursodeoxycholic and dehydrocholic acids related to their paramagnetic properties and also estimation the stability of both compounds after exposition to UV irradiation or high temperature is relatively sparse [15-17].
EPR Architects has custom developed systems for the majority of its information and practice management needs.