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Tower offers a unique combination of an aggressive logic process with the densest EPROM in the industry.
Tower's customers will develop System-level ICs with embedded EPROM for a wide variety of microcontroller and other embedded applications.
Potential risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, risks and uncertainties associated with the (I) development of the EPROM compiler and (ii) development and qualification of the EPROM process.
Tower's target is to begin volume EPROM manufacturing for Fairchild in the second half of this year.
In this long term relationship, Fairchild will provide product definition designed specifically for Tower's dense EPROM process.
In combination with the advanced architecture we use, Tower's silicon will help us deliver the smallest, most cost effective die in the world, density for density," said Howard Shumway, Fairchild's EPROM Product Line Director.
The new products broaden Cypress's EPROM market coverage by addressing lower-speed applications with high-density requirements.
Steve Schrepferman, EPROM product marketing manager for Cypress, said, "While other vendors have exited the EPROM market, Cypress continues to strengthen our commitment to compete aggressively in this area.
Separate Suspension Agreements for DRAMs and EPROMs were concluded at that time between Japanese corporations and the U.
At the same time, a new Suspension Agreement on EPROMs was concluded effective August 1, 1991 between Japanese corporations and the U.
The ability to do full performance test at probe, can mean a very significant savings in test time, especially when testing embedded EPROMs.
New multisite testing capabilities allow testing of up to 16 devices in parallel, greatly reducing overall test time of digital and digital mixed-signal devices with embedded RAM and EPROM.