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So, the tax department needs to look beyond an ERP system if it wants to see transaction tax across the entire enterprise, create what-if scenario planning, perform non-standard analysis and have a one-stop shop for transaction tax data.
In this article we will identify issues that should be addressed before deciding whether an ERP system is right for your company.
allows plastics processors to manage their quality control within the same integrated database as their ERP system.
The Service ruled on how to treat the costs of the separate ERP system components.
That more data can be made available to more people faster sounds good, but conversion from legacy systems to an ERP system requires managers and information-systems support staff to assume responsibilities for insuring data integrity and appropriateness of business processes.
The initial investment in an ERP system is only one part of the overall investment made during the life-time of the ERP system.
The Swedish envoy after a meeting with Jakarta deputy Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said that the ERP system was the correct system to be used in Jakarta to overcome traffic congestion.
Some benefits in implementing an ERP system in the public sector would include lower operational costs, timely reporting of financial statements, and easier access to reliable information.
It wouldn't be uncommon to spend $2 million to $3 million to move from a legacy system to a commercial ERP system," says George Boggs, president of AACC.
Another ERP system could be preferable for batch manufacturing.