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resistance welding

A group of welding processes in which coalescence is produced by the heat obtained from resistance of the work to the flow of electric current in a circuit of which the work is a part, and by the application of pressure.
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Suncor's concern was that if anomalies existed in the ERW long seam, they could possibly grow in service via operational pressure cycling, ultimately undergoing a fatigue failure mechanism.
ERW scored from a penalty and then added a second before Stephen Joseph rounded off the scoring with Buccaneer's 11th.
You can also view the reports on screen using the ERW Viewer applet or send it to your printer for a WYSIWYG output.
ERW kept the score down until an own goal from Andy Craig put Gables four up, then went nap with a late fifth goal.
ERW managed to draw level with a goal from Martin Kilburn and, when David Newton in the ERW goal pulled off a cracking penalty save to keep the scores level, a draw looked on the cards.
Full Spec added a couple more then had to thank their keeper for saving two ERW penalties which completely drained ERW.
The ownership interest in the Camrose facility will give Oregon Steel product diversification in the ERW pipe and provide a presence in the Canadian oil and gas pipe markets.
The MINURSO MACC has identified Four principle objectives for the programme in Western Sahara, in keeping with the UN Inter-Agency Mine Action Strategy 2013-2018: 1) Protection of UN personnel, refugee, returnee and local populations from the threat of mines and ERW 2) Strengthen and expand existing local capacities to coordinate physical, psycho-social and economic rehabilitation and reintegration of mine/ERW survivors 3) UN personnel, humanitarian actors along with local and refugee populations can access land that was previously contaminated and/or perceived to be contaminated 4) Local capacity is improved to address mine/ERW threats on both sides of the berm.
The floodgates opened early and ERW could not stem the flow, Shaun Hendricks netting the opener.
Their game with Eston Replacement Windows was spoiled by a strong wind that helped Full Spec put ERW under pressure from the kick-off.
The director of MACCA, Mohammad Sediq Rashid, said that despite the significant progress made in the past, many people, particularly children, are at risk of being killed or disabled by landmines and ERW.
Navy explosive ordnance disposal divers provided instruction for their Montenegrin, Slovenian and Croatian counterparts in the first comprehensive training in clearing underwater ERW conducted by the Department of Defense's (DOD) Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) program.