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a city (until 1963, a settlement), the center of Esil’ Raion, Turgai Oblast, Kazakh SSR.

Esil’ is located on the right bank of the Ishim River. It is a railway junction for the lines to Tselinograd, Kartaly, and Arkalyk. Population, 15,000(1970). EsiF has a building-materials and structures combine and a brewery.

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ESIL project coordinator Maggie Dawson added: "We're so proud of our learner's achievements over the past year.
Simon that "there was no mismanagement of ESIL by PMIC" and that the "company was run properlyOwith the proper use of Business Judgment by its employees and the management of PMIC that has acted as its senior officers.
Simon concluded that "OIn looking at the success of the company in developing projects, getting them registered in China and getting CERs issued, ESIL has been able to register 47 percent of its projects at this time: better than any of its competitors.
We are very pleased that the issue has been resolved and continue to focus, as we have consistently, on the successful operations of ESIL and all of our holdings," said Richard Tan.
To continue the expansion of its business, particularly in China, ESI entered into a joint venture with PMIC in January 2004, which resulted in the formation of ESIL in November 2004.
Beginning in early 2007, PMIC and Tan excluded ESI from participation in the management and business affairs of ESIL and issued to PMIC unauthorized stock, giving PMIC a purported majority of the equity of ESIL.
ESIL is a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland that uses leading analysis software with the performance of a Cray supercomputer to offer access to world-class CAE technology.